Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C is a striking and interesting town with an overload of cultural diversity. There are so many awesome places to visit where you’ll have a lot of fun whilst sightseeing and learning about the city’s prominent history. Besides all the well-known touristy monuments and museums, here are a few of my preferred neighborhoods to have fun in DC.

It is quaint with century year old homes and buildings sprawled along subtropical streets which have retained all of their charm through the years. A whole lot of Washington’s crème de la crème and politicians live here and it’s no wonder, it is among the most gorgeous areas in DC and is close to almost everything, including the downtown. Strolling along Georgetown’s roads can easily transport you back in time, as even most shops have maintained their awnings, doors and standard architecture. These stores are usually family businesses and market one of a kind foods, artifacts, clothes and furniture pieces at high-end prices. Georgetown M Street provides a much more contemporary dining and shopping experience with a wide array of restaurants, shops and well-known brands and chains to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

While in DC you might want to have a night out. If you want a exceptional nightlife experience, you have to go to Adam’s Morgan. It has a high selection of restaurants, clubs, and lounges. The distinctiveness of the area is you will encounter all types of people from all around the world and of all walks of life. It’s one of the only areas in Washington where gentrification isn’t so clearly perceptible, adding to its charm and character. There are different venues featuring all types of food and music to cater to all. Everyone just comes to Adams Morgan to party together or to consume its famed giant slices of pizza outside while laughing out loud and making acquaintances with other people since it is customary on a standard Adams Morgan night outside.

Dupont Circle is also a must see for people during the day or at night. It is home to many embassies, historic sites and restaurants from all cuisines. It also has a picturesque fountain right in the middle of the action where folks come to just sit, read, or play cards. There are lots of exceptional book stores strewn all over the neighborhood that are worth a trip, and are perfect places to have coffee or brunch. At night, the area is changed as Washington’s professional elite leaves room for a trendier crowd eager to have fun, relax and dance the night away.

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