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Driving, for starters have to be taken seriously. There’s something worth considering past the garage and greener designs. Thought has to be given about public spaces which is very much an essential part of the sidewalks and roads infrastructure. That is because nothing is permanent, there might be a requirement to change to match several other activities.

Already, a lot of places have been taken over by teenaged partiers, road hockey games, farmers markets and church services. It’s high time one understands and promotes diversity. This is the reason as well as the main idea behind observing since 2005 a worldwide event, Parking Day which invites people to change the metered lots.

The urban and suburban lots have changed to a large extent and it’s definitely a glib that individuals should purchase only fewer cars. It’s time to prefer public transport and stop relying on our cars too much. Owning and driving our personal cars is also crucial, but that doesn’t mean the public transit systems become abysmal completely. However, in larger cities like Los Angeles and New York, cars aren’t only going to go away and so there’s a need to make and see to the city common areas for parking, so the community values are equally kept.

Big cities like New York in the days of automobile boom are in need of parking spaces in particular ration according to per housing unit. Over the days, it’s come to light that the amount of cars outweigh the parking spaces along with the rules regarding minimum parking spaces has led to the flats costs driving up for residents and developers. Thus the parking lots which are already modest stay glutted with vehicles.

With the increase in parking spaces, the new structures and programmers built hundreds of flats with parking spaces planning to lure tenants. But, the simple fact is these parking areas built for the flat people stay vacant on many days or even on the working days for most portion of the day.

There are faults with the driver behavior also. They take shortcuts, dismiss stripes and induce remaining alert to pedestrians, that result in more time each minute taken by every driver behaviour contributes to traffic jam at peak hours. Going around big cities have to be done only after careful consideration of their summit and off-peak hours.

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