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Spa and hotel-inspired bathrooms are regarded as a design trend for this year. Even though the toilet trends are changing each year, the earthy tones and components are taking the central element this season. The focus is placed on wood and stone elements, green plants and natural light – everything that will help people to escape from the stress of modern living.
What is considered as timeless in terms of the colors in the bathroom – white and neutral colors is the solution. Lots of men and women are choosing these colors because it is rarely possible to generate a mistake. The brave ones opt to play with colors and have fun. Stylish toilet colors for 2018 are blush pink, blue and green. If you don’t want to incorporate these bold colors, then you should put color on the wall or floor tiles.
If you want to change your bathroom mood and personality, you should install a layered lighting. Hanging single overhead lighting is no longer a practice if you want to achieve positive ambiance and comfort. LED technology required the lighting a step further placing a focus on interesting details. Make sure that they comply with Australian standards.
With years, we are witnessing a growing number of intelligent smart bathrooms. Exclusive for these bathrooms are sensor-activated and self-cleaning toilets, digital signature mirrors, seat warmers, high-tech shower heads. These products increase the performance of the bathrooms. This sort of storage is well-known in spas. Place some folded towels, pretty potted plants and essential oil bottles. You may even put some larger baskets to store your personal things. Obviously, we are talking about a nice and beautiful approach to storage, but don’t forget to keep things clean and not overcrowded.
Mirrors and basins maybe have the biggest focus today. Scandinavian-styled and timber-framed mirrors are one of the most popular. Basins come in various shapes, colors and materials. They absolutely can bring drama in your bathroom.
You should know that this process is a long-term investment and requires professionals who care about each and every detail. Now, designing or renovating your dream bathroom is only one step to you.
What are you waiting for? Don`t dream anymore, it is possible to get that perfect room just for you!

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